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Science Expo

Eastleigh Primary school hosted the second Annual Edenvale Interschools’ Science Expo for Primary schools, on Saturday 22 October 2016. The presentations were of a high standard and a great variety were presented. Congratulations all place winners. Eastleigh Primary would like to thank all the participating schools for their support.

Grade 7 – 1st place James Kammerman and Tiago Correi (Hurlyvale); 2nd place Kyle Hooper  (Edenglen) and Adriaan Stark (Dunvegan)


Grade 6 – 1st place Tayla Lagesen (Edenglen); 2nd place Timon Daffarn (Hurlyvale); 3rdplace Qiya Singh (Eastleigh)


Grade 5 - 1st place Liam Gounder (Eastleigh); 2nd place Renita Adendorff (Edenglen); 3rdplace Kelly Thompson (Hurlyvale)


Grade 4 – 1st place Jade Steven (Dunvegan); 2nd place Gemma Collins (Hurlyvale); 3rdplace Matthew Caldwell (Hurlyvale)