Eastleigh Primary School

"We Got SWAG"

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  • History

    Eastleigh Primary School opened its doors on Monday, 17 January 1938. There were 104 pupils and 4 teachers. In May of that year work commenced on clearing the school grounds. The school's log records that convicts were delegated to this task. A windmill on the school grounds supplied water for irrigation. There was also a vegetable garden. In 1945 the school's Feeding scheme consisted of what was termed a "Daily Protective Meal" i.e. a portion of milk, a bread and butter sandwich and a portion of fresh fruit.

    The first concert was held in 1949 at a the Reitz Hall. This concert raised 35 pounds for the Polio fund. In 1955 water borne sewerage was installed. The school library boasted 807 English books and 304 Afrikaans books. An unfortunate burglar broke into the school and was apprehended, he received a five months jail sentence and 5 strokes with a cane. By the end of 1959 the swimming pool was in full use, at a cost of 1650 pounds. In 1970 Mr Pieterse was elected mayor of Edenvale for the third time.

    Eastleigh was the first government primary school to open its doors to a multi-cultural environment - this after being the first primary school in the then Transvaal, and one of the very few to vote for Model C status. Despite the prophets of doom this turned out to be a progressive decision as within a year all ex-House of assembly schools were forced to take this decision. The Pre-Primary centre was established in 1992, and has continued to flourish. The philosophy in our school is one of participation as a platform for excellence.


    1938 - 1941: Mr. Symons

    1942 - 1970: Mr. Pieterse

    1971 - 1986: Mr. Van Vuuren

    1987 - 2001: Mr. Warburton

    2002 - Current: Mrs. Cooke-Tonnesen